Medical Articles

6 December 2017
"Experience with Integrating Diagnostic Decision Support Software with Electronic Health Records: Benefits versus Risks of Information Sharing" by Segal MM et al., eGEMs (open access).  The article describes the result of an NIH-sponsored study of integrating SimulConsult's diagnostic decision support system with Electronic Health Record systems.

4 December 2017
"Impact of a Patient-Facing Enhanced Genomic Results Report to Improve Understanding, Engagement, and Communication" by Williams JL et al., J. Genet Couns.  The article describes the result of a PCORI-sponsored study of providing information about genetic testing to patients, including a display driven by the highly granular onset information in SimulConsult's diagnostic decision support system.

December 2016
"Evidence-Based Decision Support for Pediatric Rheumatology Reduces Diagnostic Errors" by Segal MM et al., Pediatric Rheumatology (open access).  The article describes the result of an NIH-sponsored study of adding rheumatology information to the SimulConsult diagnostic decision support system.

3 February 2016
"Enhancing genomic laboratory reports: A qualitative analysis of provider review" by William JL et al., Am J Med Genet A. (open access).  The article describes the responses by clinicians to SimulConsult's prognosis table, as used in genomic reports.  One sample: “I love it—no clicks, detailed, comprehensive enough that I didn’t feel I needed another source—everything a pediatrician would think about.”

October 2015
"Enhancing genomic laboratory reports from the patients' view: A qualitative analysis" by Stuckey H et al., Am J Med Genet A. (open access).  The article describes the responses by families to SimulConsult's prognosis table, as used in genomic reports.  Some samples:

  • Gives idea of what to look for in the future
  • Timeframes very helpful
  • Would use as baseline for reference
  • Everything on it is necessary
  • Can use with provider for discussion 

September 2015
"Genome interpretation: Clinical correlation is recommended" commentary by Segal MM, Applied & Translational Genomics, 6: 26-7 (open access).

June 2015
"Clinical Pertinence Metric Enables Hypothesis-Independent Genome-Phenome Analysis for Neurologic Diagnosis" article by Segal et al., Journal of Child Neurology, (free PubMed Central and PDF versions).  The article describes the Genome--Phenome Analyzer and its efficacy.

25 June 2014
"Genome-Phenome Analyzer Enables Hypothesis-Independent Clinical Interpretation".  BioIT World webinar video with Michael Segal MD PhD discussing and demonstrating the genome-phenome analyzer.

1 April 2014
"Evidence-Based Decision Support for Neurological Diagnosis Reduces Errors and Unnecessary Workup" article by Segal MM et al., Journal of Child Neurology, Vol 29:487-92.  The article describes the efficacy of the SimulConsult clinical diagnostic decision support in reducing diagnostic errors and costs.

25 March 2014
"An international effort towards developing standards for best practices in analysis, interpretation and reporting of clinical genome sequencing results in the CLARITY Challenge" article by Brownstein CA et al., Genome Biol. [Epub ahead of print].  The article describes the CLARITY genome interpretation contest, and how SimulConsult had by far the fastest analysis times.

22 March 2013
"Genome-Phenome Analysis for Diagnosis and Gene Discovery" presentation by Segal MM, Williams MS, Tromp G and Gleeson JG, ACMG 2013 annual meeting.

15 May 2012
"Decision support for diagnosis: co-evolution of tools and resources" editorial by Segal MM and Schiffmann R in Neurology, discussing the role for diagnostic decision support in facilitating an evidence-based discussion between clinicians and payers.

The Impact of Computer Resources on Child Neurology by Segal M and Leber S, Chapter 108 in “Pediatric Neurology: Principles and Practice”, Swaiman KF et al., editors, 5th edition, Saunders.

November 2010
Brain letter Attenuated variants of Lesch-Nyhan disease: the case of King James VI/I by Garrard P et al., Vol 133, using SimulConsult to analyze a historical diagnosis.

April 2010
Paediatrics and Child Health Update on genetic investigation of children and young people with neurodevelopmental disorders by Wright MJ et al., Vol 20, 179-185, discussing SimulConsult.

21 October 2009
Diagnostic Software as a Knowledge-Accumulating System for Understanding and Preventing Diagnostic Errors.  Diagnostic Errors in Medicine Annual Meeting abstract

A Handbook of Neurological Investigations in Children by King MD and Stephenson BP, Mac Keith Press, discussing SimulConsult, beginning on page 1 with "With the explosion of electronic information such as found on PubMed and the availability of freely accessible diagnostic software such as SimulConsult one might ask what possible use is there for a handbook like this."

3 December 2008
MD NetGuide article "Medical Decision Support Software: Have Our Hopes and Fears Come True?" by Michael Segal MD PhD.

June 2008
Article "Health 2.0 for Neurologists" by Barbara Scherokman and Michael Segal on the Web site of the American Academy of Neurology.

December 2007
Acta Paediatrica "How doctors think, and how software can help avoid cognitive errors in diagnosis" Vol 96: 1720-1722.

July 2007
MD NetGuide article "Top Ten Physician Inventors" (on page 7) cites as #2 Michael Segal MD PhD: "Was responsible for the development of SimulConsult, a decision-support software that combines clinical and laboratory findings to help physicians come to a simultaneous diagnosis on a disease."

February 2007
"Health Information Technology for Personalized Health Care".  Submission by Michael Segal for the US Health and Human Services "Request for Information" Improving Health and Accelerating Personalized Health Care Through Health Information Technology and Genomic Information in Population- and Community-Based Health Care Delivery Systems.

6 February 2007
American Academy of Neurology Neurology Today article "Blogs, Wikis and Other Cutting Edge Technologies for Neurology" by Orly Avitzur MD.

July 2006
Journal of Child Neurology "Mobile Medical Computing Driven by the Complexity of Neurological Diagnosis" J. Child Neurol. Vol. 21:595-599 (abstract here).

October 2005
Journal of Neurology, Neurosurgery, and Psychiatry review "Neuronline: SimulConsult:" by Geraint Fuller.

Child Neurology Society listing of SimulConsult Diagnostic Decision Support in the Society's Physicians Resources

March 2005
MD NetGuide article "SimulConsult Neurological Syndromes: A collaborative computerized approach to diagnosis" by Michael Segal MD PhD.

February 2004
American Academy of Neurology Neurology Today article "Neurologists Focus on Patient Safety" by Orly Avitzur MD.

November 2002
American Academy of Neurology Neurology Today article "How Neurologists Use the Internet to Enhance Clinical Decision-Making" by Orly Avitzur MD.