Technical Support

Getting the software running:
You don't need a browser that supports Java to run the software, but Java must be installed on your computer.  Java can be installed by clicking here.  If you are having trouble getting the software to run, the following can help:

Also, the first time that you run the software on a particular computer you need to agree to running the software by responding to the security dialog box.

Note: A version not requiring Java is in the works, expected in 2017.

Inside the software:
Support is available in the software using ToolTips / Balloon Help.  Many components on each screen have explanations that appear as the mouse pointer hovers over the object.  These messages often include context-specific information relating to the active disease or finding. 

General orientation about how to use the software:
The demo videos are a good way to get started. 

For other technical issues, please contact us.