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  Classic Version Health System Enterprise Versions Genome-Phenome Analyzer
  Individual use Light integration via resource links Deep integration via patient record Genomic labs and referring MD
Accurate, fast differential diagnosis and help with test selection
  • Clinical features and family history
  • Suggestions on most useful findings and tests
  • Reopen with previously entered findings already there
  • Differential diagnosis with disease probabilities
  • Clinical findings ranked by pertinence
  • Useful links and disease profiles
  • Over 5,500 diseases, including all human Mendelian diseases, with continual curation and regular updates
  • Clinical Reports, including a Patient Summary and Note
Deep integration with health system electronic health record
  • EHR documentation, editable direct-to-patient-record documentation saves time
  • Structured data, automatic generation of structured data and ICD code choices and option for diagnostic codes in partnership with IMO® (Q2)
  • API to export to CPOE to accompany orders (Q2)
  • Workflow integration with Epic (now) and Cerner (Q4)
Clinical interpretation in seconds based on analysis of annotated variant table results in clinical context
  • Known Mendelian diseases: Causative genes ranked by pertinence with plausible variants highlighted
  • Discovery: ranked genes and variants for those with no known human phenotype, or novel zygosity for gene with known phenotype
  • Incidental findings: with choices of individuals and gene types
  • Adjustable analysis parameters that can be set as defaults
  • Generalized pedigree (unlimited related or unrelated individuals) (Q2)
New: Rapid clinical workflow generates a Genome Report
  • Interpreter can quickly select diseases, findings, genes and variants for automated report, software shows rationale
  • Prognosis table answers “what should I expect?”
  • API to reporting platforms
Cloud-accessed version  
Locally-hosted and accessed version