Company News

23 August 2016

SimulConsult is one of the recipients of the 2016 MassVentures START Awards.

10 April 2014

Courtagen press release "Courtagen Life Sciences Integrates SimulConsult’s Genome-Phenome Analyzer to Enhance the Clinical Genetic Analysis for Neurological and Metabolic Disorders"

16 December 2013

CEOCFO Magazine interview with SimulConsult CEO Lynn Feldman.

10 April 2013

SimulConsult and the Geisinger Genomic Medicine Institute won the Bio-IT World Best Practices Award in Informatics for their use of SimulConsult's Genome-Phenome Analyzer to analyze genomes accurately and quickly. 

29 March 2013

GenomeWeb article "SimulConsult Snags $260K SBIR Grant to Improve Genome-Phenome Decision-Support Software" (link, PDF)

18 May 2012
GenomeWeb article "SimulConsult Launches Software to Link Genomic, Clinical, and Phenotypic Data" (link, PDF).

29 February 2012
UK Department of Health issued a report on the United Kingdom Plan for rare diseases, discussing SimulConsult as a means for achieving speedy diagnosis.

21 September 2011
An article in Technology Review discusses IBM's Watson, Isabel and SimulConsult in the context of medical decision support. 

29 August 2011
SimulConsult submitted a public comment on the US FDA's Draft Guidance on Mobile Medical Applications.  In addition, on 13 September 2011 SimulConsult founder and chief scientist Michael Segal was a member of the panel "Categorizing standalone clinical decision support software" at the FDA's public workshop on the draft guidance at FDA headquarters.

December 2010
GeneReviews begins linking to SimulConsult from the differential diagnosis section of its new and revised articles.

27 September 2010
SimulConsult was awarded a contract from the National library of Medicine to study "An Evidence-Based, Open Database Approach to Diagnostic Decision Support".

April 2010
Scully "The World Show" interview with SimulConsult founder Michael Segal, aired on PBS TV stations.

6 July 2009
Hugh Hewitt radio interview "Professor Clayton Christensen on health care reform and disruptive innovation".  Prof. Christensen explains how SimulConsult empowers doctors to do diagnosis better and less expensively by tapping into the wisdom of their colleagues.

1 July 2009
Healthcare IT news article "CDS key to health reform".  The CEO of SimulConsult is quoted as saying "physicians are likely to gauge the meaningful use of EHRs by the extent of the integrated clinical decision support available to help make diagnoses more directly and accurately, choose best therapies and avoid errors such as incorrect use of medications."

May 2009
Managed Care article “Managing the Cost of Diagnosis”.  The CEO of SimulConsult highlights emerging diagnostic benefit managers and how they can achieve large efficiencies by using diagnostic software to improve both accuracy and efficiency.

May 2009
Fast Company article "The Doctor of the Future".  Four innovative companies, including SimulConsult, are described as creating "the medical system of tomorrow" and ones that will "free U.S. medicine from the strictures that have given us the world's costliest health care".

25 March 2009
Strategy & Innovation interview "Voices of Disruption: Lynn K. Feldman".  The CEO of SimulConsult explains how the SimulConsult diagnostic software leverages the skills of medical practitioners.

6 March 2009
Health Business Blog item "Doctor calls for SimulConsult without realizing it".

23 February 2009
Business Week viewpoint article "A Disruptive Solution for Health Care: Encouraging adoption of new health IT tools like SimulConsult by those left out of the current hidebound system is a path toward change for all" by Clayton M. Christensen and Jason Hwang. 

4 December 2008
Clayton Christensen et al. "The Innovator's Prescription: A Disruptive Solution for Health Care".  A book by Clayton Christensen and colleagues discusses SimulConsult as an example of a "disruptive innovation" that helps generalist and specialist doctors make diagnoses at the level of specialists and sub-specialists. 

Fall 2005
Save Babies Through Screening Foundation "Newborn Screening NEWS" item "Children's Stories to Educate Physicians" told about SimulConsult's Cases Blog.

13 June 2005
FierceHealthCare item "SimulConsult launches cases weblog".

10 June 2005
Health Business Blog item "An excellent example of decision support".

26 December 2004
Medical Tablet PC blog item "SimulConsult's Diagnostic Software".