SimulConsult, Inc.

Classic Clinical Diagnostic Decision Support

The Classic Clinical Diagnostic Decision Support version is free. It is accessed from the web but runs locally on your own computer. Using an open, peer-reviewed database, it helps lower diagnostic errors and testing costs by suggesting tests based on clinical usefulness and cost given the findings of your patient.

Key Features

  • “Useful Findings” prompts you to add findings relevant to your patient
  • “Useful Tests” prompts you about tests relevant to your patient
  • “Disease Profile” and “Assess Disease” enable you to evaluate the rationale for the differential diagnosis
  • “Summary” (shown) allows you to save to your desktop and later jump back in with all the findings entered
  • Complete coverage of described Mendelian disorders, as well as many non-genetic disorders in neurology & rheumatology

Key Benefits

Focused on your patient. Uses your patient's pertinent positive and negative findings to generate recommendations

Fast. Get a simultaneous consult instantly. Pertinence calculation for findings focuses the assessment on what’s important

Accurate. Reduces diagnostic errors by helping clinicians consider uncommon presentations and rare diseases